Voting Rights



Democracy SOS Project

The Democracy Secretary of State (SoS) Project aims to shine a spotlight on the role of election officials and their decisions. Through research, candidate surveys and public awareness campaigns, we seek to hold election officials accountable for their decisions, and consequently to promote fair elections. [more]

D.C. Voting Rights

Residents of the District of Columbia pay federal taxes and serve in the armed forces, but they do not have representation in their federal legislature. [read more]

Public Interest Voting Equipment

We should use our nation’s great technical expertise and resources to create voting equipment that supports public interest needs with specific attention to the disabled community, open-source software and a voter-verifiable paper ballot that can be adapted for all localities’ election methods. [more]

Felon Disenfranchisement

The right to vote and to cast a free and secret ballot is supposed to be the cornerstone of democracy. Yet, upwards of 5.3 million Americans are denied the right to vote because of a past felony conviction. [read more]