Election Administration

Fair elections require administrative processes that makes voting easy and gives voters confidence that their vote will count. Common sense reforms like public interest voting equipment, nonpartisan election administration and uniform standards will ensure that all voters, regardless of where they live, have a positive experience on Election Day.

Public Interest Voting Equipment

We should use our nation’s great technical expertise and resources to create voting equipment that supports public interest needs with specific attention to the disabled community, open-source software and a voter-verifiable paper ballot that can be adapted for all localities’ election methods. [more]

Nonpartisan Election Administration

To guarantee the integrity of the voting process, partisan officials should not make decisions about election administration.  Nonpartisan observers should have full access to the electoral process. [more]

Voting Equipment, Election Integrity & Auditability

Any voting technology used for government elections in  the U.S. should be secure, accurate, reliable and auditable. To ensure confidence in elections and to provide a paper record, voting machines should use a voter-verified paper ballot that is the basis for recounts and auditing the election. [more]