Learning Democracy

FairVote’s voting curriculum, Learning Democracy, is designed to supplement traditional high school civics programs by teaching students the history and mechanics of participating in democracy. Through an innovative presentation, Learning Democracy gives students concrete examples of how and why they should increase their level of civic engagement. Learning Democracy is a peer-based curriculum taught in high schools by college or graduate students. This educational model encourages students to interact with their classmates and promotes a nontraditional classroom atmosphere. The curriculum has the potential to inspire lively discussion and to entertain and engage students in a different way than conventional civics classes.

Lesson Plans for Educators

FairVote's educational programming is designed to inspire a more informed and active generation of young people. At FairVote, we believe that every student should have an opportunity to learn about how they can participate in the political process before they leave high school. Learning Democracy is an interactive curriculum that engages students and prepares them for a life of civic activity.

Featured Blog Post

  • Americans' View of Government Shaped by Student Government Experience

    June 1, 2012

     Civics lessons students learn in schools have an impact on how they view government when they are older. Students' civics experiences or lack of experiences starting from elementary school all the way through college can shape the way they view our politics today. I'll use my own experience as an example.

How to Register and Vote in the U.S.


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