2011 Message from Rob Richie

December 12, 2011

Dear Supporters and Friends,

We live in a time of immense challenges, amidst international upheaval, ecological imbalance and economic uncertainty. Humanity's capacity to improve lives may never have been greater, yet it is matched by new powers to destroy and divide.

Our government has failed to meet these challenges. Hungry for political change, many Americans feel stuck with a "lesser of two evils" choice where no viable candidate speaks for them. This problem is rooted in outdated electoral and governing laws that discourage creativity, depress competition, diminish debate and destroy accountability.

FairVote offers compelling reforms designed to embrace the beauty and power of people coming together for the common good. Even if activists from the Tea Party, No Labels, Occupy Wall Street and less publicized movements may not agree on solutions, we would all benefit from translating their energy into a voice in government and new policy proposals. For FairVote, fair elections demand real choices no matter where you live. Real representation means being able to join with like-minded people to elect candidates in proportion to your voting strength. Democracy rests on your ongoing participation.

Our case for reform is not new. But our role as catalysts of change has never seemed more promising. With your renewed support, we can make 2012 a remarkable year.

We are taking on that challenge with style, smarts and youthful energy. This year we had more than 20 democracy fellows and volunteer interns working with Board members like Krist Novoselic and John Anderson and other reform allies on reports, opeds, social media and advocacy. The enclosed excerpts from 2011 articles shed light on our work's value. The bottom-line story is clear: FairVote's reforms are compelling, effective and necessary.

We're already doing a lot to prepare for 2012: proportional voting plans for every state, detailed analysis of presidential elections, amicus briefs for voting rights cases, a policy guide for reform-minded legislators and much more. In the coming months, expect a surge of media attention about how and why to reform winner-take-all and plurality voting rules. As usual, we will do more than just talk - every day we work in states and communities with people from across the political spectrum to win and defend electoral reform.

To advance a better world through making democracy work, please make a gift today.*

My thanks and my best to you for the holidays,

Rob Richie
Executive Director