Presidential Nominations Reform

Our presidential nomination process is breaking down. Chaos is the only constant -- with two states holding outsized influence, multi-candidate fields often producing no consensus winner, confusion over the roles of delegates and superdelegates, disparate rules from state to state, and states scrambling to "frontload" to the beginning of the calendar, clearly it is time to overhaul the presidential nomination system to make it more equitable, simple, and democratic.

National Presidential Caucus for 2012 Reform

FairVote is pleased to support National Caucus in its call for vigorous and widespread discussion and deliberation about how best to reform the presidential nomination calendar for future elections. [more] 



The presidential primary system is broken. At, FairVote offers a number of alternative systems the parties could use to nominate their presidential contenders. These proposals, including including the FairVote-backed American Plan, would make the process saner and allow more voters to be heard.

Delegating Democracy

, Adam Fogel, Rob Richie // April 3, 2008

Parties have great opportunities to review and improve their election systems by incorporating reforms that give more voters an equal voice and an equal vote. From representative delegate allocation regimes to ranked choice voting and expanded suffrage rights, a political party's nomination process can be a true laboratory of democracy.

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Executive Director Rob Richie on the History of Caucuses and Primaries