2012 Presidential Primary Resources

FairVote has been analyzing and commenting on elections and presidential primaries in particular for two decades. This year FairVote has assembled key resources to understand this year's nomination contests, with regular analysis on our blog and in published commentary. Don't miss these new reports and commentaries.


Delegate allocation rules in the 2012 GOP race
This report details how delegates are allocated in each Republican contest in 2012.


Open, closed and mixed primaries, state-by-state
This report details who is allowed to vote in every state holding a presidential or congressional primary this year.




GOP Contest Results, State-by-State
The Republican Primary results with both the raw candidate totals and the GOP convention delegate allocations.

Romney 2008 vs. Romney 2012
How do Mitt Romney's 2012 primary vote numbers compare to Romney's votes in 2008?

Paul 2008 vs. Paul 2012
Media attention in the 2012 Republican nomination contest is focused on the ace among Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, but it's also instructive to compare Paul to another candidate: himself, circa 2008.





Featured Analysis

Romney Delegate Total Nearly Matches Total if All Contests Winner-Take-All

Innovative Analysis: Six Takes on the Republican Nomination Contest

Presidential Tracker: New Evidence of our Shrinking Battleground
by Katie P. Kelly and Hüseyin Koyuncu

Rule Breaker: The Florida Republican Primary, Winner-Take-All Allocation, and the Undoing of American Democracy
by Sheahan Virgin

Third Parties and the Spoiler Effect In the 2012 Election
by Joe Witte

South Carolina Voters Better Enjoy it While it Lasts
by Katie Kelly and Rob Richie

RCV for the GOP: Mitt Romney, Fractured Conservatives, and the Importance of Rules
by Sheahan Virgin

Understanding How Proportional Representation Worked in NH
by Rob Richie and Elise Helgesen

The 2012 GOP Nomination Contest Affirms Value of New Rules


FixThePrimaries.com Different solutions proposed to reform the primary process with resources from 2008 cycle. FairVote supports the American Plan.

Rob Richie in U.S. News on a national primary.

Rob Richie in New York Times Executive Director Rob Richie presents election reform options in the New York Times' Invitation to a Dialogue and readers submit their responses.