West Virginia nominates candidates for Secretary of State

by Tara Young // Published May 14, 2008
West Virginia is one of several states holding elections for Secretary of State this year. As in so many states, the Secretary of State in West Virgina plays a critical role in the conduct of a state's elections. On Tuesday, the state held Republican and Democratic primaries.

Democrats nominated Natalie Tennet, a former television anchor who won her election with 52 percent of the vote against two challengers, house majority leader Joe Delong and long-time state senator Billy Wayne Bailey. DeLong spent more than three times what his opponents spent combined, but trailed with 36 percent.

This November, Ms. Tennet will run against Charles Minimah, a businessman who won an uncontested primary for the Republican nomination. If elected, Mr. Minimah would be the first African American to serve as West Virginia Secretary of State.

Dave Rao is contesting the election for the Mountain Party.

This Secretary of State (SoS) race is an open seat. The Republican incumbent Betty Ireland is stepping down after one term; a Democrat had held the SoS position for 20 years prior to Ms. Ireland's 2004 victory.

FairVote's Democracy SoS Coalition will soon be sending both of these candidates a survey to find out where they stand on election reform, voter outreach and their platform.

Stay tuned…