The Redistricting Game Debuts on Capitol Hill

by Paul Fidalgo // Published June 14, 2007
Rep. John Tanner of Tennessee hosted an unveiling on Capitol Hill of the Redistricting Game, a new online computer game that simulates the tug-of-war of political gerrymandering for congressional districts. Tanner is pushing the Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act, a bill that will give the power to draw district lines to independent commissions instead of politicians with vested interests. The game even offers players a chance to play under the rules of that bill so they can get a glimpse of how things could be different.

FairVote's chairman John Anderson - a former congressman and independent presidential candidate - was also at hand for the event on Wednesday, and offered his insight on the importance of taking partisan calculations out of the redistricting process.

The New York Times Caucus Blog covered the event, as did NPR's Andrea Seabrook.