Swing States of America: Candidate Tracker and News, July 3

by Erin Ellis // Published July 3, 2012

Swing States of America: Candidate Tracker and News, July 3

Barack Obama: President Obama travelled to swing state Colorado last Friday to visit an area damaged by wildfires. He spent the rest of the weekend, Monday and Tuesday on vacation at Camp David. On Thursday and Friday he is scheduled to campaign in swing states Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Mitt Romney: Gov. Romney is spending the week vacationing at his lake house in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Tomorrow he will participate in an Independence Day parade in New Hampshire.

Joe Biden: Vice President Joe Biden will campaign in Scranton, Pennsylvania this afternoon.

See our tracker summary for Barack Obama since he became president and Mitt Romney since he effectively earned the Republican nomination.

Latest Stories on the Candidates’ State Strategies:

Obama Rises to 67.8 Percent

New York Times / June 29, 2012

According to the New York Times columnist Nate Silver's calculations, bigger swing states—Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and Florida—are "tipping states” that will have the greatest pull this election. Moreover, voters in these states are tipping the balance in Obama's favor: he now has a 67.8% probability of winning.

Poll: Romney Claims Slight Edge in 15 'Battleground' States

National Journal / July 3, 2012

Contrary to the New York Times’ analysis [link to above], the National Journal cites a new CNN poll indicating Romney leading in 15 battleground states, 51 percent to 43 percent.

Instant Economic Development for Oklahoma

Tulsa World / July 1, 2012

A local newspaper in Oklahoma calculates that the "residents of nine states—California, New York, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington, New Jersey and Connecticut - and the District of Columbia were responsible for 60 percent of the money donated to the two campaigns, but shared a measly 0.06 percent of the advertising." Clearly, candidates ignore states where they will not win Electoral College votes.

Obama, Mitt Romney Ratchet Up Efforts In Key Battleground State Of Florida

The Huffington Post / July 3, 2012

This story highlights that the election outcome could hinge on the candidates’ Florida campaign strategies: "This year, the stakes are hard to overstate: Obama's re-election is nearly assured should he repeat his 2008 victory in Florida [...] His standing in Florida is far more precarious than it is in other contested states [...] and a Florida victory [for Romney] would make it far more probable that he could win the presidency."

Former Gov. Owens: Obama Visit to Colorado a Distraction

The Gazette / June 28, 2012

If most Coloradoans feel the same way as their former governor—that the visit is a “distraction” to relief efforts—Obama's visit to the wildfire-ravaged swing state could hurt his re-election bid.

Bain Attacks Make Inroads for President

The New York Times / June 30, 2012

"Obama commercials painting [Romney] as a ruthless executive who pursued profits at the expense of jobs are starting to make an impact on some undecided voters," according to the Times. In response, Romney will launch his own series of ads attacking Obama as "a craven political figure."

Issues that Keep Obama Afloat

Wall Street Journal / July 2, 2012

This Wall Street Journal video shows that while Obama and Romney are close in national polls, Obama leads in swing states. Evidently, the negative ads on Romney's business career are having a tangible impact in these states.

Portman’s NH Swing Fuels VP Speculation

The Hill / July 2, 2012

Portman, Romney's potential running mate, is also visiting swing states. Last month he travelled to Ohio with Romney, and this week he will be fundraising in New Hampshire.

Battleground State Newspapers Sound Off On Supreme Court Health Care Decision

Huffington Post / June 29, 2012

Whereas Ohio newspapers were pessimistic about the Supreme Court ruling to uphold Obamacare, headlines in Florida, Michigan and Pennsylvania were more positive, which could be a indicate Obama having good prospects in the swing states.

Obama, Romney Locked in Tight Race in Three Swing States: Poll

The Capitol Column / July 1, 2012

This article points out that in the aftermath of Thursday's Supreme Court decision, undecided voters are starting to lean toward Romney, believing him when he said, “What happened yesterday calls for greater urgency, I believe, in the election. I think people recognize that if you want to replace Obamacare you’ve got to replace President Obama.”