Spoiling Shays?

by Jack Santucci // Published August 19, 2006
With Libertarian Phil Maymin now on the ballot in CT-04, the tight race in Chris Shays' U.S. House district just got tighter.

Larry Sabato at the end of June already was listing this race among his "Dirty Thirty" most competitive of the cycle:

It is the great irony of the current race to represent Connecticut's 4th District: one of the House's most knowledgeable members on the issue of Iraq is also the House's most in danger of losing because of his position on the war.

Shays is one of a handful of GOP Congressmen representing Democratic districts. His victory margin shrank to 4% between 2002 and 2004.

It's entirely possible that second-time Dem challenger Diane Farrell takes this district. If anti-war Republicans migrate to Maymin, it's entirely possible she'll win with less than a majority. And it's entirely possible Maymin gets branded a spoiler.

Maymin probably likes IRV already. I wonder how Chris Shays feels about it.