Senate vacancies update - Post editorial, NYT letter, Judd Gregg

by Rob Richie // Published February 1, 2009
The Washington Post has a strong editorial today on the value of electing U.S. Senate vacancies, backing up FairVote's position on this issue. The New York Times has a good letter to the editor supporting FairVote analyst David Segal's commentary from last Sunday.

Meanwhile, it looks like we now will have our fifth Senate vacancy since the election, adding to vacancies from Delaware and Illinois (due to the November victory for the Barack Obama-Joe Biden ticket) and Colorado and New York (due to Ken Salazar and Hillary Clinton joining President Obama's cabinet). New Hampshire's Judd Gregg is the likely pick for Commerce Secretary. He's a Republican in a state with a Democratic governor, so the Democrats may possibly pick up a Senate seat with only one voter (the governor) lifting a finger.