Oregon's Secretary of State race is Set. Kate Brown (D) will run against Rick Dancer (R)

by Tara Young // Published May 21, 2008
Kate Brown proved less isn't more. Brown outspent, garnered more endorsements from the state's newspapers and organizations – and yesterday got more votes.

Last night, Brown was declared the Democratic Secretary of State candidate, winning against Senators Rick Metsger, Vicki Walker and Voting Advocate Paul Damian Wells with 51 percent of the vote.

Brown, who will run against Republican Rick Dancer, a former television reporter and newcomer to the political scene, recently participated in a debate sponsored by Oregon's Alliance for Democracy and of Portland's First Unitarian Church Democracy Action Group in which she supported Instant Run-Off Voting (IRV).

IRV eliminates the three is a crowd mantra from our voting system. IRV elects candidates who have majority support, which is different from our current plurality voting, where the candidate with the most votes wins. Plurality voting is unfair when more than two candidates. IRV accommodates voters having better choices and encourages winning candidates to reach out to more people. In addition, this system will rid political spoilers and encourages new candidates as well as new ideas.

FairVote participated in the debate through our Democracy SoS Project. The goal is to shine a spotlight on the secretary of state's race and learn about the candidate's platform, plans and policy positions that help or hinder the voting process.

FairVote's Democracy SoS Coalition will soon be sending both of these candidates a survey to find out more about Dancer and Brown.

Stay tuned…