New Report Shows Virginia May Have Election Day Problems

by , Adam Fogel // Published October 20, 2008
Today, FairVote released its fourth in a series of reports highlighting potential Election Day problems in key battleground states. This time, we focus on Virginia, a state that has been solidly red since LBJ carried the state in his 1964 landslide. The report shows that the counties and cities we surveyed may have problems on Election Day because of inadequate planning, lack of standardized voting equipment and limited on-campus access for students to vote.

Common Cause released a report last week showing similar results for Virginia on a number of related issues. This Washington Post article highlights their great work.

Since August, FairVote has released reports on other swing states, including Missouri, New Mexico and Colorado. Next week, we'll release a report that surveyed election officials in counties with at least 500,000 residents in 10 swing states. You can read all the press releases and reports here.