National Report Shows Big Problems in Big Counties

by , Adam Fogel // Published October 27, 2008
Today, we released our National Edition of a report series designed to shed light on the practices of county election officials in anticipation of Election Day. We found that many administrators in the 26 counties in 10 swing states we surveyed are not adequately preparing for the election that is only 8 days away. Ten of the 26 counties we surveyed told us they weren't preparing a written booth or machine allocation plan and none of the officials could refer to a specific scientific formula for how they'd allocate their resources to their precincts. We also found that nearly 40-percent of counties with post-secondary institutions in them won't have on-campus polling locations, which could cause problems for student voters.

Throughout the fall, FairVote has released state reports for Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado and Virginia. You can read all of the reports and press releases here.