National Popular Vote: The conversation continues

// Published February 27, 2006
The Indianapolis Star discusses fmr. Sen. Bayh's role in the plan to secure direct election of the President by interstate compact, the disparate values of individual votes under the present system and big-state-small-state objections.

A one-liner in the Detroit Free Press says Bayh is "revved" for his involvement in the campaign.

Hendrik Hertzberg for the New Yorker talks about the logic of the plan, its constitutionality, who'd benefit and last Friday's press conference.

The Toledo Blade runs an editorial on the plan. The Blade favors an all-out amendment over the agreement, arguing, "Such a procedure inevitably would be challenged strongly on constitutional grounds."

No such challenge is inevitable. States technically may do what they want with their electoral votes. The plan simply lets states harmonize what they'll do: award all votes to the national popular winner. (See Hertzberg's piece.)