Minneapolis' first election with instant runoff voting-- smooth for voters

by Rob Richie // Published November 3, 2009
Minneapolis at night

The headines say it all

IRV poses few problems for Minneapolis voters - Minnesota Public Radio report by - Curtis Gilbert eads with "Minneapolis elections officials say the city's first election using instant runoff voting has gone smoothly." MPR reporters also found most voters they spoke to liked having the option of ranking multiple candidates.

'Not a whole lot of problems' in Minneapolis voting - Minneapolis Star Tribune report by Jim Gehrz and Emily Johns leads with "In a light-turnout, local Election Day, the brave new voting method in Minneapolis appears to be running smoothly. All day, lines of voters were short, according to reports from polling places. The ballot itself may be the most interesting aspect of this election across Minnesota, with Minneapolis voters giving a test drive to ranked-choice voting, informally known as instant runoff voting. "Most of our voters were very well-informed and understood ranked-choice voting," said Richard Hollenzer, an election judge at Bancroft Elementary School in south Minneapolis "Most people knew exactly what they were doing."

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