Live Blogging from the polls in DC

// Published November 2, 2010

2:45pm (Update)

I have been working since 6am (8hrs!) and I haven't eaten a thing yet or even taken a bathroom break. I wouldn't say it's been busy, but there is always at least one or two people needing assistance at any given point.

11:00am (Update)

Finally there is a lull in the voting. As a poll worker, I am a Special Ballots Clerk which means I provide assistance for those who are not in the official poll books and registered to vote at this location. There are many reasons why one would not be in the books: not registered, recently moved, changed name, or if you are registered in a different polling location in the city. Here in DC, we have Same-Day registration so if you are not registered but eligible to do so, you can register and submit your ballot at the polls.

So far, we have had a smattering of all of the above.


The polls opened promptly at 7am this morning, and I was very surprised to see a line of ten voters at the polls here at MLK Library in Downtown Washington DC. With no competitive citywide elections (as opposed to the high turnout Primary), voters here are voting for Delegate to the House, Mayor, Council Chairman, At-large member of City Council, US "Shadow" Representative, Advisory Neighborhood Council and a Ballot measure. Through the course of the day, I'll write more about these positions.

Already we have had over a hundred voters, a number that is probably paltry in comparison to those in any big state or swing state- but it's pretty impressive in an uncompetitive cycle for what equates a symbolic vote.