Krist Goes Hollywood

by Paul Fidalgo // Published September 4, 2009

FairVote as an organization is already awash in stardom (we're nothing if not a flashy, glitzy, Hollywood outfit). As you probably already know, the chair of our board is none other than Krist Novoselic whose resume is a little overwhelming in its breadth. Krist's credits include:

  • Bassist for Nirvana, and later joining the seminal punk band Flipper
  • Political activist
  • Seattle Weekly columnist
  • Grange Master of the Grays River Grange in southwest Washington State

And now we're adding one more item to this impressive list: Movie star.

Krist has a cameo in the film World's Greatest Dad, starring Robin Williams and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. We'll let those two gentleman elaborate on Krist's participation (fair warning, a tiny bit of somewhat inappropriate language pops up in the last 7 or so seconds).

Also on Krist's docket, a new live CD/DVD package of Nirvana's 1992 performance at the Reading Festival will be out in November. It's enough to make an electoral reformer swoon.