John Anderson discusses the Bloomberg Effect

by Paul Fidalgo // Published June 21, 2007
The Journal News of Westchester, NY is one of many news organizations losing sleep over the juicy prospect of a Bloomberg independent presidential candidacy. Wisely, they got hold of FairVote"s chairman (and former independent presidential candidate) John Anderson to talk about the effect someone like Bloomberg could potentially have on the 2008 race.

In the interview, John recounts his own experience on the difficult third-party trail to the White House, and posits, "I think the stars are in alignment for what could be a real shakeup in the traditional political constellation, to be as dramatic as I can be."

You can read the whole article by Phil Reisman here.

If you caught "Nightline" last night, you also saw John talk with Jake Tapper, eloquently, on the same subject. This Monday morning, Louisianians will be able to hear John Anderson on the Jim Engster Show on Louisiana Pubic Radio, which airs at 9:00 am CT.