Get involved. Join your local.

by Jack Santucci // Published July 13, 2006
Since we opened the blog in October, we've been keeping track of local organizations' websites and blogs. You can find the links on the right, toward the bottom of the blogroll.

Now they're categorized by state.

There are a lot of things you can do to help FairVote. IRV and choice voting pushes in Pierce County (WA), Minneapolis (MN), Davis (CA) and Oakland (CA) need dollars and soliders. Your hometown needs a letter to the editor. Your civic group, college or high school student government needs a better election system - to set an example, provide a case study - and for its own sake.

And your state, city or town needs a movement. Is there one already? Join it. Don't have one? Start it. Are we missing yours? Let us know. Check out the links on the right.