Former FairVote board member Donna Edwards takes seat in Congress

by Rob Richie // Published June 21, 2008
A big congratulations to Donna Edwards for her victory in a special election on Tuesday to represent Maryland's Fourth Congressional District. Earlier this year Donna defeated long-time incumbent Al Wynn to win the Democratic party nomination in the district, triggering his resignation. Her swearing-in on Thursday makes her Maryland's first African American congresswoman; she will run in November for a two-year term.

Donna was one of our board members in the 1990s. She's one of a number of remarkable people who have helped us as board members. A sampling of others includes:

* Jamin Raskin, a Maryland state senator and professor at the Washington College of Law

* Roxanne Qualls, former mayor of Cincinnati

* Dolores Huerta, much-honored labor leader in California

* George Pillsbury, policy director of the Nonprofit Voter Engagement Network

* Larry Hansen, vice-president of the Joyce Foundation

* Clay Mulford, chief operating officer at the National Math and Science Initiative

* Matthew Cossolotto, co-founder of FairVote and author of All the World's a Podium

* Rashad Robinson, GLAAD's senior director of media programs

* Laura Liswood, CEO of the Council of Women's World Leaders

* Kathy Spillar, executive editor of Ms. Magazine

Thanks to them all, and to the many others who have volunteered their time and energy to advance us toward the way democracy will be.