First Takoma Park IRV Election: Exit Poll

// Published January 31, 2007
Takoma Park, MD held its first instant runoff voting election on Tuesday. It was a special election to fill a city council vacancy in ward five.

FairVote ran an exit poll all day. Here are some preliminary results:

The city successfully informed 80 percent of voters that the election would use ranked choice

· Before coming to vote, did you know you would be asked to rank choices? o Yes -80.3% o No -19.7%

88 percent of voters found instant runoff voting easy to use · How difficult or easy did you find the concept of ranking candidates? o Very easy - 61.8% o Easy - 26.3% o Neither difficult or easy - 10.5% o Difficult - 1.3% 88 percent of voters support instant runoff voting for additional elections · Would you like to see instant runoff voting used in state and national elections? o Local, state and national - 55.1% o Local and state only - 20.2% o Local only - 13.0% o No elections - 11.6%