Final Push for Choice Voting (STV) in British Columbia

by Amy Ngai // Published May 8, 2009

British Columbians are split on STV according to the latest poll conducted by Angus Reid. With just a few days to go, British Columbians for BC-STV are working overtime to counter the inaccurate and often misleading information propagated by the No-STV campaign. For a factual rebuttal check out "STV: Your guide through the spin and the fear" by Dr. Dennis Pilon, author of The Politics of Voting: Reforming Canada's Electoral System.

The former Deputy Premier Christy Clark, a politician turned civilian, is also speaking out against the No-STV's self-serving tactics:

FairVote's Board Chair, Krist Novoselic, also hit the road to British Columbia to help diffuse some of the negative publicity. Check out his print interview with Georgia Straight, read about his visit to News Radio 1130 or listen to Krist talk about electoral reform on the Jeff O'Neill Show or on CBC (Canada's national public radio).

Or read about his experience in Krist's own words on his blog at Seattle Weekly.