FairVote, APSA short course on NPV

by Jack Santucci // Published August 17, 2006
FairVote and the American Political Science Association's section on Representation and Electoral Systems are sponsoring a short course on the Electoral College and the National Popular Vote Plan.

Speakers will include: George Edwards Alex Willingham Jack Nagel Joseph Zimmerman Arend Lijphart Alexander Keyssar Richard Engstrom Rob Richie and Bill Shein

The event will be at the 102nd Annual Meeting at the Friends Center (1501 Cherry Street) in Philadelphia on August 30 from 1 to 5 p.m.

The Annual Meeting is the world's largest gathering of political scientists (over 7,000). FairVote's Rob Richie will be there with Bill Shein and myself. We'll be in the exhibition hall at a corner booth not too far from the concession stand. Stop by and stay hi. [View the press release] [More on the short course]