Howard Dean Continues His Support of Instant Runoff Voting

by Erik Connell // Published March 20, 2009
Former Vermont Governor and Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean was on Vermont Radio's Mark Johnson Show this past Monday, and right off the bat, Johnson asked him about Burlington's recent mayoral election, where they used instant runoff voting for the second time in the city's history.  Dean, a longtime backer of IRV, remarked "I think the best and most democratic way to use to elect people in multiparty elections is instant runoff voting."

Listen to the IRV segment of the interview here, or read the transcript here.

Dean is not the only prominent politician to come out in favor of IRV; other high profile backers include President Barack Obama, United States Senators John McCain and Bernie Sanders, U.S. Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Peter Welch, and former Congressman John Porter. See a full list of endorsers here.