California Ranked Choice Voting Bill in Senate

by Amy Ngai // Published July 24, 2009

AB 1121- a proposal that allows up to 10 general law cities in California to participate in a pilot project to use alternative voting methods such as IRV and choice voting is awaiting approval in the State Senate. The bill, authored by Assemblyman Mike Davis, has already passed the Assembly last month. Currently only charter cities and counties like San Francisco can employ such voting methods. Steven Hill of New American Foundation recently testified on behalf the bill citing its potential cost saving effect and increase in voter participation based on San Francisco's successful IRV elections. Local jurisdictions are also showing support for the bill. Most recently, Hermosa Beach in Southern California joined Davis, Menlo Park and Fort Brag in supporting this bill. You can show your support for AB1121 by contacting members of the Senate Appropriations Committee found on Californians for Electoral Reform's (CFER) website.

The next hearing of the bill is scheduled for August 17th.