Blogging live from the Take Back America conference

by Jack Santucci // Published June 12, 2006
We're here talking to activists and lawmakers - mostly Democrats, but there are a few Republicans in the room - about our package of reforms. Lots of support for and interest in the National Popular Vote campaign.

Voters are enjoying our mock Democratic presidential primary. We're using paper IRV ballots. People seem to have varying degrees of comfort with the ballot. About half pick it up and start marking it right away. The rest take 15 seconds to read the instructions. We've got a big pile so far, and I only count one invalid.

More to come throughout the day - and the week.


More on voters' response to the IRV ballot. People are having no trouble marking their choices in order of preference. Many voters stop at five or six choices. This is probably because voters have varying degrees of information about candidates.