Beloit College faculty adopts ranked choice voting (IRV and STV)

by Rob Richie // Published April 16, 2009
Good news from a long-time friend of proportional voting and instant runoff voting, John Rapp of Beloit College. John writes:

At the meeting of the Beloit College Academic Senate on April 15, 2009, an amendment to a motion to create new faculty committees was approved unanimously that from now on will mandate STV [single transfeable vote] and IRV [instant runoff voting] elections for the main bodies of faculty governance at the College.  The Faculty Status & Performance Committee, which deals with matters of tenure and promotion, and the new Academic Strategic Planning Committee, which will approve replacement and new faculty lines, mandate minimum enrollment levels, and consider and propose curricular innovations, will both be elected via STV.

The three divisional members of the new Curriculum Oversight and Administration Committee, which will approve and evaluate new course and program proposals and monitor course enrollment patterns each semester, will be elected via IRV within each of three academic divisions, with its one at-large member elected via IRV from the faculty as a whole.  With the passage of the main motion at the end of the meeting, all forthcoming elections for faculty positions at Beloit College will now use ranked choice voting.