Activity on Fair Access in the RI Statehouse

by Paul Fidalgo // Published November 2, 2009

Things are looking up in the great-yet-geographically-small state of Rhode Island. Last week, the Rhode Island House of Representatives joined the Senate is passing legislation to mandate special elections to fill vacancies in Rhode Island's U.S. Senate seats. Much of the press coverage phrases this as 'stripping power from the governor,' but we prefer to think of it not so much as taking power away from someone, but giving it to those who really deserve it, the voters. Let's hope the governor agrees.

But speaking of the governor's power, an encouraging movement is afoot in Rhode Island to override the governor's veto of landmark pre-registration legislation that overwhelmingly passed both houses of the state legislature this year. State Rep. Edwin Pacheco has joined up with local activists to make this enthusiastic video for the "Make it Happen" campaign in support of the veto override.