Model Bylaws Language for IRV

All elections of officers shall be by secret ballot, using a system of
instant runoff voting without a separate runoff election.  The Executive
Director shall arrange for the implementation of an instant runoff voting
protocol according to these guidelines:

(1)  The ballot shall give voters the option of ranking candidates in
order of preference.

(2)  If a candidate receives a majority (over 50 percent) of first
preferences, that candidate is elected.

(3)  If no candidate receives a majority of first preferences, an instant
runoff retabulation shall be performed by the elections committee within
five business days of the election.  The instant runoff retabulation shall
be conducted in rounds.  In each round, each voter's ballot shall count as
a single vote for whichever continuing candidate the voter has ranked
highest.  The candidate with the fewest votes after each round shall be
eliminated until only two candidates remain, with the candidate then
receiving the greatest number of votes being elected.

(4)  The board of directors may adopt additional rules consistent with
this subsection to implement these standards.