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The Millennial Manifesto handbook touts IRV and Choice Voting: Scott Beale of MillennialPolitics.Com has written a youth activist handbook that examines the issues, individuals, and organizations that are shaping the modern youth movement. This chapter highlights instant runoff voting and full representation a political reform agenda.

Full Representation: The Case for a Better Election System, Prof. Doug Amy

In this book, Prof. Douglas Amy makes the case for improving American elections with proportional voting systems.

A Brief History of Proportional Representation in the United States, Prof. Doug Amy

Provides a thorough history of Proportional Representation in the United States and provides some insights on the history of repeals.

Early American Adoption of Proportional Representation, Prof. Kathleen Barber

Historic overview of the American experience with Proportional Representation with a focus on Ohio and New York.

Reflecting All of Us (from the Boston Review)

The Case for Proportional Representation   Robert Richie & Steven Hill
Editors’ Note   Joshua Cohen and Joel Rogers