Local Reform Advocacy

Local Reform Advocacy

Want to bring choice voting to your community? Is choice voting already in place? This section contains practical resources to successfully adopt and carry out choice voting elections.

1. Assess Your Community's Elections System -Take this quick survey to find out how effective is your current electoral system and to find if there are pressing problems in your community's elections.

2. Launch a Campaign for Choice Voting in Your City - Read our eight steps to reform guide, detailing ways of building a movement for proportional voting in your city. 

3. Join a City Charter Review Commission, or Ask One to Study Proportional Voting -Read and distribute our City Council Election Methods Manual to your local charter review commission, and spark a dialogue about fair representation. 

4. Ask Your State Legislators to Sponsor FairVote Reform Legislation - Our staff has developed a number of state legislative proposals to build the infrastructure for fair elections. Ask your state legislators to sponsor our innovative reform proposals or urge your legislator to draft a bill based on our sample legislation.

5. Get Tools to Help Implement and Administer a Choice Voting Election- Download the Choice Voting Election Guidelines to help assist your jurisdiction to adopt choice voting. Also visit the Spotlight on Reform: Cambridge, MA for more samples of ballot designs and manuals that might be helpful to implementing choice voting in your community.