Republicans to Vote on Reforming Primaries

Released January 9, 2008

WASHINGTON, DC - FairVote can report that the Rules Committee of the RNC will vote as soon as January 17 in Washington DC to recommend one of several far-reaching reform plans to change the highly compressed and chaotic nomination process of 2008.

FairVote's Rob Richie and Ryan O'Donnell are available for comment, as are others in the Fix The Primaries coalition.

Fix The Primaries represents a bipartisan group of reformers who recognize that our presidential nomination process is breaking down. We believe Congress and the parties should act immediately to create a bipartisan commission to examine far-reaching reform options.

The Republican Party has until their convention this summer to change their party rules. The primary schedule was nearly amended in 2000 with a plan called the Delaware Plan, which would have started with small states and ended with larger ones.

The Fix The Primaries website describes all the plans currently being debated.
To seek comment, please contact Ryan O'Donnell at (301) 270-4616