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  • E-Newsletter February 24, 2010


    • Spotlight: Instant Runoff Voting
         * A national referendum in the UK, the Oscar for Best Picture, three American cities enact it for November 2010 and more
    • Electoral Reform Highlights
        * Stopping the ES&S monopoly, Richie in the Washington Post, Port Chester votes
    • From the FairVote Blog
  • Oscar Blog Focuses on New Instant Runoff Voting System

    Hollywood meets election reform as FairVote launches a new blog focused on the Academy Awards' new instant runoff voting system for Best Picture. "Oscar Votes 1-2-3" ( is the nation's primary website to analyze the Oscars from the perspective of its newly-adopted preferential voting system for Best Picture. The site will also have information about the similar "choice voting" system of preferential voting used for decades for most Oscar nominations.

  • E-Newsletter January 28, 2010


    • Award-worthy Reform: IRV in California, Utah and Overseas
    • Wave of Victories in the Ocean State
    • Dubious Democracy is the Diagnosis / Port Chester Gets Proportional
    • Lessons from Nebraska: That Pesky Electoral Vote
  • Special Update: 2010 Opens with Reform Victories

    A quick news brief on big victories in Rhode Island, advancement of IRV in California, and other encouraging signs from across the spectrum.

  • Rhode Island Legislature Overrides Electoral Reform Vetoes

    The Rhode Island State Senate and House of Representatives yesterday voted to override two gubernatorial vetoes of landmark electoral reform legislation, thereby enacting FairVote-initiated measures allowing voter pre-registration for 16 and 17-year-olds and mandating popular elections to fill all U.S. Senate vacancies.

  • E-Newsletter December 17, 2009


    • Fair Elections: Instant Runoff Voting is a Hit in Twin Cities, in Media, on Campus and in the UK / See National Popular Vote Forum on Video
    • Fair Representation: FairVote Oversees Voter Education Plan in New York Cumulative Voting Election / Choice Voting in Action in Minneapolis/Illinois Putback Amendment Gains Support
    • Fair Access to Participation: FairVote Makes Case for Public Voting Equipment in New York Times / New Progress for Voter Pre-Registration/Contact Virginia Governor to Secure Voting Rights
    • FairVote News: Visit our New Website and Put Your Name on our Map!
  • Suffragium Ex Machina

    Today the machinery of American democracy (literally) is increasingly dependent on one large corporation with little interest in transparency, competition or innovations that might affect its bottom line. For years FairVote has proposed publicly controlled voting processes, ideally with transparent administration and clear lines of accountability grounded in publicly owned voting equipment.

  • FairVote on Election 2009: Pundits Rush to Errant Judgment

    Rob Richie, elections expert and executive director of the nonpartisan elections think tank FairVote, warned pundits and prognosticators to think twice about their analysis of Tuesday's elections and their relevance to the national mood. "Just as Democratic successes in gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia in 2001 in no way predicted the GOP-dominated electoral outcomes in federal elections in 2002 and 2004, we should be skeptical that last night's Republican victories in those states will have any meaning beyond themselves," said Richie. 

  • E-Newsletter October 29, 2009


    • Better Elections on the Ballot on November 3rd
    • IRV in Major Media, New Movement in Massachusetts
    • California Pre-registration Victory and Progress on Fair Access in the U.S. House
    • Fair Representation: New congressional legislation, state reform drive and voting rights win
      • DC Council Approves Landmark Election Reform Legislation

        • Posted: October 9, 2009
        • Categories: FairVote

        The Washington D.C. City Council unanimously approved the Omnibus Election Reform Act of 2009 on Tuesday. If given final approval at the council's next meeting (scheduled next month), this landmark piece of legislation will usher in a wave of significant improvements to the District's voting and registration rules to bring more residents into the political process, and will commission a study of automatic voter registration--in which all eligible voters in the District would be automatically registered to vote.