E-Newsletter December 31, 2000

Released December 31, 2000

  • August 4, 2000: - August 4 Update: News items on CVD commentary in Washington Post, Sierra Club endorsement of PR, ICANN's decision to use IRV for worldwide elections, new CVD factsheets, CVD report on blanket primaries and more
  • July 13, 2000: - LWV votes for national study, Cumulative voting in Amarillo, Anderson NY Times op-ed, PR and IRV showcased in the London Mayor's race, redistricting roulette, CVD commentary, notable articles, essay contest and new educational materials 
  • News from British Columbia, Canada:  BC Liberals policy, Canadian Alliance policy, Making Votes Count Conference May 13, Miscellaneous
  • Excerpts from A study of at-large elections for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
  • See which states use proportional representation to allocate their delegates and track the delegate race so far. Republican Primaries, Democratic PrimariesPresidential Campaign Events 2000 The major scheduled events from '98-'99 as compiled by Reuters
  • February 9, 2000 Sacramento Bee plugs PR, other commentaries;  RNC chair suggests proportional representation; Pro- PR candidates; Illinois events; PR in Iowa; more...