Winner-take-all machinations in Pennsylvania

FairVote for years has documented the broken nature of the current Electoral College system, including presidential candidates in general elections focusing solely on a dwindling number of winner-take-all swing states and partisans bending electoral rules to try to win those states. Now it's getting worse, with Republican leaders newly in charge of Pennsylvania backing a plan that likely would give a majority of that state's 2012 electoral votes to a candidate who lost the state's popular vote -- just as North Carolina Democrats nearly did in 2001.

This latest attack on fair play makes the case for the National Popular Vote plan all the stronger. FairVote's Fuzzy Math report explains problems with alternative reform proposals like the congressional district allocation system, and a growing number of analysts rightly urge states to complete the current drive to establish the National Popular Vote plan.

  • FairVote's new Fuzzy Math report on problems with the congressional district plan and other proposals to divide electoral votes, either done state-by-state or nationally