Wave of election reform proposals hits the General Assembly

With youth registration in Rhode Island surging and advance voter registration for 16 and 17 year olds gaining support, Rhode Island legislators have introduced several new election reform measures to ensure voting rights and full democracy for all.
  • Following in Maryland’s footsteps, Ocean State legislators in the house and senate have introduced a bill to ensure that young voters who will be 18 by Election Day can vote in the preceding primary election.
  • A FairVote-supported reform to ensure that US Senators are always elected by the people, by ensuring that vacant US Senate seats are filled by special election, has been introduced in both the state house and the state senate.
  • The National Popular Vote compact, recently endorsed by the Boston Globe, is being re-introduced in Rhode Island this year. The senate bill, sponsored by State Sen. Daniel Connors, has already been filed.

With committee hearings starting soon, it’s a great time to get active and contact your legislators. Email FairVote RI to learn more and get involved!