To Avoid More Government Shutdowns, We Need Ranked Choice Voting for Congress

The government shut down because our winner-take-all system elected a polarized Congress with no incentive to compromise. To end the cycle of government-by-crisis and elect a more representative Congress, we need ranked choice voting in multi-seat districts.

FairVote resources on the shutdown and the ranked choice voting solution:

  • In a Washington Post op-ed, Rob Richie and Devin McCarthy lay out the case for ranked choice voting
  • Richie and McCarthy explain how winner-take-all elections caused the government shutdown in the Huffington Post
  • Andrew Douglas writes on the disappearance of moderates from the House of Representatives
  • FairVote's infographics on the roots of congressional gridlock¬†and the fair voting solution
  • Upcoming: Check back soon for the full Monopoly Politics/Fair Voting 2014 report and a new explanatory video on fair representation voting