Ten Stories About Election '06

At a press conference today in Washington, DC, FairVote executive director Rob Richie discussed a wide-ranging new report, Ten Stories About Election '06: What You Won't Learn From the Polls. The report is based on the analysis presented in Monopoly Politics 2006. Look for our initial release of Monopoly Politics 2008 - in which we project winners and victory margins in as many as 350 House races to take place in November 2008 - later this week, along with a full analysis of competitiveness trends in the 2006 elections.

Ten Stories is a series of short essays on aspects of the election such as: how Democrats may lose Congress despite winning the national popular vote; which incumbent House Members are "untouchable;" the external and internal challenges created by political geography for Democrats; impactful third party candidacies; and potential changes in representation of women.

[Monopoly Politics 2006]
[Special Report: 10 Stories About Election '06]