RI General Assembly Approves National Popular Vote

On June 19th, the General Assembly approved the National Popular Vote compact. It's a huge victory for FairVote RI, for the NPV coalition, for the legislators who backed the bill, including sponsors House Judiciary Chairman Donald Lally and State Senator Daniel Connors, and for Rhode Island.

The key votes followed a robust debate in the House. After discussing the House bill for more than 40 minutes, the House passed it by a 36-34 margin. Later in the night the House approved the Senate version by a 34-28 margin. The RI House became the 19th state legislative chamber to pass the compact.

"This was an extremely important and heartfelt debate, and it's a big victory for democracy, and for the 74% of Rhode Islanders who support a national popular vote," FairVote RI Director Ari Savitzky said.

Want to learn more about the national popular vote compact? Check out nationalpopularvote.com, and come hear a discussion on the plan with FairVote RI's Ari Savitzky at 7PM this Wednesday, June 25th, at Blue State Coffee on Thayer Street in Providence.