Redistricting heats up - and FairVote shows better way

In all 50 states, elected officials at some level of government are feverishly engaged in the remarkable exercise of choosing their voters before their voters choose them. Nearly every U.S. House map and the great majority of state legislative maps will be redrawn by partisans, usually with the goal of protecting incumbents, helping friends and hurting political enemies. Congressional maps near approval in Arkansas, Iowa (using its praiseworthy nonpartisan process) and Louisiana. You can follow the daily news at FairVote's End Gerrymander twitter feed.

FairVote also is highlighting a better way. Interns Matt Morris and Dean Searcy have drawn five "super district" maps showing how proportional voting in multi-seat districts would provide every single voter with real choices, a good chance of electing a preferred candidate and overall fairer representation. See their recent blogs on Virginia congressional districts and state legislative districts  and New Jersey legislative districts.

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