Ranked Choice Voting: The Oscars and More

The Academy Awards are almost here, and with them, a great conversation about voting and elections. The Academy uses ranked choice voting to choose the Best Picture winner, and ranked choice voting continues to gain steam as a viable and critical reform for promoting fairer and more inclusive elections.

  • The Academy Awards are this Sunday, February 22nd! Have you ranked your top choices yet?
  • Rob Richie blogged at the Huffington Post, calling out the L.A. Times for their woefully inaccurate portrayal of ranked choice voting in the Oscars. Steve Pond helpfully expanded on this criticism at The Wrap.
  • For even more on the Oscars, check out OscarVotes123.com for continued coverage.
  • Support for ranked choice voting in Maine continues to grow. Recent media pieces include a detailed op-ed by Polly Ward of the Maine League of Women Voters and a volunteer's letter about his experience gathering signatures in sub-freezing temperatures.
  • The Voting and Elections Summit was a great success! See this collection of videos from the event, including Dave Meslin (of Toronto) and Jeanne Massey (of Minnesota) addressing the importance of ranked choice voting.
  • Several cities in the California Bay Area held successful ranked choice voting elections in 2014: see Rob Richie's article in the Huffington Post and our visual demonstration of the high profile Oakland mayor's race.
  • Check out FairVote's new Blogspot site for quick access to important election reform news.

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