Pre-Registration Passes RI House with Big Margin, Bi-Partisan Support

On May 8th, the Rhode Island House of Representatives took a major step towards systemic youth engagement in democracy. Youth Voter Pre-Registration - H 7106, a bi-partisan reform sponsored by State Rep Edwin Pacheco - passed on the house floor on a vote of 51-11, picking up new support from members of both parties.

The bill now moves to the Senate Judiciary committee, where it will join a Senate companion bill - S 2081, sponsored by
State Sen Rhoda Perry - that is waiting for a vote after a successful hearing. The General Assembly passed this measure in 2006 and 2007, and last year's vote on the Senate floor was 29-3.

In other FairVote RI news, local political heavyweights are adding their support to FairVote-backed reforms.  RI Secretary of State Ralph Mollis recently wrote a letter in support of allowing eligible 17 year olds to vote in primary elections, and former US Senator Lincoln Chafee penned a letter to members of the Assembly on why he supports the National Popular Vote Plan.

Now is a great time to take action, by contacting your state senator about these key democracy reforms!