NY Times Gives National Popular Vote Effort a Boost

People Vote for PresidentThe New York Times March 14th editorial gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to the National Popular Vote (NPV) effort. As a major partner in NPV, FairVote is proud to have its research used to build the case for a national popular vote for the president. 

The Timeswrites: "Candidates have no incentive to campaign in, or address the concerns of, states that reliably vote for a particular party. In recent years, the battleground in presidential elections has shrunk drastically. In 1960, 24 states, with 327 electoral votes, were battleground states, according to estimates by National Popular Vote, the bipartisan coalition making the new proposal. In 2004, only 13 states, with 159 electoral votes, were. As a result, campaigns and national priorities are stacked in favor of a few strategic states. Ethanol fuel, a pet issue of Iowa farmers, is discussed a lot. But issues of equal concern to states like Alabama, California, New York and Indiana are not."

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