New York Legislature Backs National Popular Vote

In a strong bipartisan vote for the proposition that the presidential candidate with most popular votes should always be elected president, both chambers of the New York state legislature approved New York's entry into the National Popular Vote compact on March 25. A majority of both Republicans and Democrats voted in support of NPV, with a vote of 57-4 in the Senate and 102-33 in the House. The bill now goes to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his signature.

Nine states and the District of Columbia have already passed the compact. The addition of New York would bring the compacting states’ total to 165 electoral votes, 61% of the 270 votes needed to activate the compact for the next presidential election.  

UPDATE: Gov. Cuomo has signed the National Popular Vote Bill, bringing the compact's electoral vote total up to 165 votes, 61% of the votes needed for activation. Read more in these pieces by executive director Rob Richie and board member Hendrik Hertzberg