Montgomery County Council Elections Need Reform

Montgomery County Crossing Guard BadgeMontgomery County, Maryland - where FairVote is headquartered - has a rapidly growing and increasingly diverse population. These demographic changes have prompted fierce and divisive debates about the structure of county government in recent years. Unfortunately, time and again, these debates have cycled between a council composed of all single-member-districts or a hybrid council composed of at-large and single-member districts. This month, FairVote testified at the County's Charter Review Commission regarding the third option of at-large, proportional voting systems. Though these issues are local in nature, these same problems and debates have been raging around the nation. If your community has a charter review commission forming, please ensure the debate expands to include proportional voting options.

[ Download FairVote's Testimony - .pdf 107 KB ]
[ Download FairVote's Manual for Charter Review Commissions - .pdf 348 KB]