IRV Victory In Student Elections

Picture of the healey building at Georgetown UniversityIn a recent Student Association meeting at Georgetown University, FairVote staffers David Moon and Jack Santucci spoke with students in hopes the school would be the next on FairVote’s list of colleges implementing instant runoff voting in its student elections. Luckily, their presence helped students decide to vote in favor of implementing IRV for next spring’s presidential elections.

At other colleges across the country, IRV is alive and well. Dartmouth University’s Student Assembly recently saw a write-in candidate win in a landslide victory with a margin of 356 votes after instant runoff voting was completed. Despite a bit of controversy surrounding the winner, junior Tim Andreadis, who had run a “sensationalist campaign” in the minds of some Dartmouth students, he still received 1,025 of 2,435 votes cast in the first round as a write-in.

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