IRV in the National Spotlight

Instant runoff voting keeps making big strides. FairVote chairman and former presidential candidate John Anderson put IRV on the national radar with an op-ed that appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Sun Times, and other major papers.

In North Carolina, Cary held its first IRV election on October 9, and a recent survey showed an overwhelming preference for IRV, and 96 percent said it was easy to understand. The North Carolina Center for Voter Education produced an excellent video explaining IRV, and it was featured in a Raleigh newscast. Hendersonville (NC) will use IRV for the first time on November 6, the city council of Santa Fe (NM) gave unanimous preliminary approval to place IRV on the March 2008 ballot, and the city of Urbana (IL) is considering the same for a February 2008 ballot.

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