IRV and Ranked Voting: Undefeated in 2006

IRV Wins!

IRV and ranked choice voting advocates celebrated on November 7th with big winning percentages of 69% in Oakland (CA), 65% in Minneapolis (MN), 56% in Davis (CA) and 53% in Pierce County (WA) - with the three binding votes to go to IRV averaging more than 62% in jurisdictions with an average of more than a half million people.

The wins in Davis and Minneapolis marked the first ballot measure wins for choice voting, the proportional voting version of IRV, in a half-century. Stay tuned for a full FairVote report on the victories and state and congressional elections that underscore the value of IRV in our politics. Since instant runoff voting's ground-breaking win in March 2002 in San Francisco, it has been on the ballot in eight cities and counties. The result? 8-0.

Stay tuned for more victories in 2007!

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