Historic Election Promises Major Reform

2008 was an historic election in terms of the election of the first African American to be president and the largest number of voters at the polls in our history. But in this modern age, there is no excuse for privately-owned voting machines that breed mistrust, confusing ballot designs, polling places with long lines, voter registration laws that leave nearly a third of Americans off the rolls, an Electoral College system that undercuts equality and voting methods that suppress voter choice and stifle fair representation.

Ballot measures showed that Americans are ready for change. Landslide majorities voted for instant runoff voting in Memphis, Tennessee (70%)  and Telluride, Colorado (67%), early voting in Maryland and 17-year-old primary voting in Connecticut, while proportional representation for city council elections won 46.5% against well-financed opposition in Cincinnati. FairVote sees a coming wave of major electoral reforms.

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